About Lienhard Consulting Group

Founded in 1988, Lienhard Consulting Group has been providing quality computer training, consulting and programming to the San Diego area for more than 20 years.

Janet Lienhard, the company's founder, was the first certified Word Perfect Instructor in the State of California. She has earned the reputation of being one the premiere instructors in the country. Her ability to provide complex training concepts in easy to understand, every day language has made her an extremely effective computer trainer, consultant and programmer.

Lienhard Consulting Group client's include universities, school districts, governmental agencies, the military, accounting firms, law firms, investment companies and many other businesses.

When providing computer training, Lienhard Consulting Group customizes the training to meet the client's specific needs. Since they provide consulting and programming services as well, Lienhard Consulting Group instructors can work with your company at any level ranging from the beginner to the advanced users or I.T. professionals.

Lienhard Consulting Group also provides consulting services that help businesses and organizations better utilize the software programs within their office. This results in successfully share common data and thus become more productive and efficient.

They also bring a unique skill set to programming because they understand how individuals use business applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe's Creative Suites. This understanding helps them develop application programs that are user friendly and integrate well with other programs within your office.